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TED Talks

These are resources you might find helpful in your journey. Their appearance here does not imply my endorsement.

Kenneth Carter – Just For The Thrill Of It: An Inside Look At Sensation Seeking

Jill Bolte Taylor – My Stoke of Insight

Shawn Achor- The happy secret to better work

Brene Brown – Listening to Shame

Gary Wilson – The Great Porn Experiment

Tim Urban – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Amy Adele Hasinoff – How to practice safe sexting

Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas: Why great leaders take humor seriously

Esther Perel – Desire

David Steindl Rast – Want to be happy? Be grateful.

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Diana Nyad – Never Give Up

Ran Gavrieli – Why I stopped watching porn

David Burkus – Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid