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My Approach

Informed by an optimistic belief in people’s resiliency and ability to change and grow, I view therapy as an opportunity for transformation. I work with high functioning, motivated clients who are ready to take a serious look at the direction of their lives and who are open to change—those who are eager to improve their self-esteem, relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and career satisfaction.

My work in counseling psychology emerged from being an artist. While earning my BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I was invited into my colleagues’ lives and learned to share their experiences through their lenses and perceptions. Graduate training at NYU sharpened this insight to bring a unique perspective to the therapeutic process.

I provide feedback and reflection—infused with a dose of humor—in a warm, safe, and trusting atmosphere. My approach is both interactive and direct. I ask my clients to challenge themselves to be completely open and honest and share in a way that might feel like they’re ‘telling on themselves’. Significant change and healing can only really begin with the full truth.

Believing strongly that the integration between the mind and body leads to greater mental health, I encourage clients to incorporate physical activity and other treatment modalities (e.g., yoga, art, working out, running, massage, emotional support animals, acupuncture, meditation, medication, vacation, etc.) in addition to traditional talk therapy.

My warm, open-minded, and non-judgmental style cultivates a process that is both inviting and challenging. We’ll explore and confront the cognitive and behavioral blocks in your daily life, as well as past events that are still holding you back. Because no two individuals are the same, our treatment plan will be tailored to reflect your goals. Together we work to increase self-acceptance, provide greater clarity, build a more authentic sense of self, and healthier relationships.

Brett P Terrian
Licensed in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts